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Hi, I'm Molly your lovely booth attendant! And I am a self confessed photo booth junky!!! I mean who doesn't love a good photo booth right- none of the awkwardness of having a human behind the camera, that hollywood lighting and the props that make even the shyest among us - get silly! Plus the prints! The best bit, prints that we keep forever stuck on the fridge, a mirror or framed pride of place. They are memories to cherish for life!

I have been a photographer and wedding photographer for

the past 5 years - and when I saw my booth for the first time, I fell in LOVE!! It was unlike any other photo booth I'd seen! Lovingly handcrafted in Yorkshire, with luxurious oak, it has a retro mid-century Scandinavian feel, it's an open air booth so we can squeeze in the whole crew - it's so unique your Uncle Bob can't help but ask a thousand questions! 


     With it's super top tech: professional DSLR                          camera, interactive screens, integrated printer and 

         beauty dish, we’re the perfect accessory for weddings

           and all manner of fun celebrations, covering Sussex

                and beyond! So grab a prop, get silly, and snap away                  for the best memories ever with Joie de Booth! 3, 2, 1…


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